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The Well's Strategy for Healthy Students

What's Your Strategy?
An issue of the Stall Seat Journal and one of our clickers against the background of a classroom clicker session

“What’s your strategy?” is a philosophy recognizing that most college students have creative and healthy ways for successfully navigating their social life at college.

The Wellness Resource Center staff and countless talented VCU students have gathered data, listened to student ideas, designed media and developed interactive “clicker” sessions to highlight the healthy strategies that already exist within our student body.

Media: This website is devoted to sharing these ideas both at VCU and globally. Print media — everything from our “skeptical bubble campaigns” to our Stall Seat Journals — are easily downloadable from our Campaign Library. Students are invited to share ideas and Submit Strategies.

Research: We know from years of experience that our statistics and ideas may seem too good to be true. But now people can see that students are healthier than they thought, thanks to “Clickers” (aka audience response devices) used with PowerPoint interactive classroom sessions. Visit our Clicker Closet to find many of the PowerPoints used in our award winning “Clicker Enhanced Social Norms Marketing Program.”

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Division of Student Affairs & Enrollment Services
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P.O. Box 842022
Richmond VA 23284-2022
Phone: (804) 828-9355
E-mail: thewell@vcu.edu
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